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Hotel Boutique

Unique accomodations in the heart of Tulum. Enjoy nature in our peaceful gardens.

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La Negrita gives you access to take the most emblematic picture in Tulum

*Restrictions apply

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From a relaxing getaway to unique fun experiences, La Negrita offers options for everyone!

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Due to the recent regulations set forth by different countries, we inform you that La Negrita will facilitate the access to COVID-19 third-party testing to our guests.


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You will be able to have a test made directly at the hotel or in downtown Tulum, with same day results*.


The cost of the COVID tests is as follows:

- Antigen test in the hotel $70 USD per person

- Antigen test in doctor´s office $50 USD per person

- PCR test in the hotel $3,965 MXN per person ($200 USD approx.)


Please contact us to schedule your COVID test so it can be made within 72h of your departure, or for any questions or concerns regarding this process. Please check your country’s re-entry requirements before booking your COVID tests, a PCR test may be required in some countries. *Antigen test results delivered on the same day / PCR results take 24 hrs. to be delivered digitally, via email or WhatsApp®️ messaging app.


*Tests available from Monday to Friday

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